Moving beyond a divorce is the perfect time to recreate your life.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Lost? Isolated? It is natural to experience these emotions during and after such a critical life changing event.

I will help you acknowledge and process these feelings in a constructive way so that you can move beyond negative emotions and begin mapping out a future. We will focus on working through the unfinished business of the relationship you have left behind and identifying any patterns or unconscious behaviors that may get in your way moving forward.  

Why do some people do well after their divorce while others get stuck? Because some people make the commitment to being happy and proactively create a game plan...while others remain lost in "what should have been." 

I will use my finance background and counseling skills to coach you through putting together a game plan. Together we will define your priorities and discover what is meaningful to you. This is your opportunity to create a vision of who you want to be and what you want in your future.

A solid game plan will provide you with the structure and comfort level necessary to create a secure base from which you can work to create the life you desire.

There is life after divorce - and it can be wonderful. Let's get you started on that journey.