Are you worried about the effects of your divorce on your children?

Kids are often caught in the middle of the divorce conflict. Consistent parental conflict harms children physically and emotionally throughout their adult lives. I can help you find a new way forward so that your kids can have a different outcome.

It is natural for parents to experience anxiety when faced with such a life changing situation. There are so many balls in the air - finances, custody, living situations, extended family, schools, etc. -  and unpredictability breeds anxiety. When people become anxious they tend to react quickly and make decisions based on emotion. I will help you step back, assess and formulate the action that best meets the needs of your children.

As a Facilitator in Fairfield County for the Connecticut state-mandated Parent Education Class (PEP), I am experienced in teaching strategies that can reduce the harmful effects of family disruption on children. I help parents, either together or individually, create the most developmentally appropriate way to introduce the change in family structure to their children. 

Providing impartial third party conflict resolution, I coach parents who are in the process of divorce or who are recently divorced how to de-escalate conflict, reduce anxiety, and make the optimal parenting choices for their children.