Co-Parent Counseling is based upon the premise that while the couple is over, divorced parents still need to interact with each other. Co-Parent Counseling for divorced parents is not aimed at healing wounds each parent suffered in the relationship or at reconciliation. The sole goal of Co-Parent Counseling is to build a cooperative co-parenting environment. I help parents to redirect the focus to their children and teach skills that ensure that the interest of the children comes first. In high conflict divorces I often see parents trying to “win” arguments. Through therapy, I help both parents focus instead on how their children can win. The following strategies can help divorced/separated parents develop a healthy co-parenting practice:

  • try to remember what makes the other parent good as a parent (which is very different than being good as a partner)
  • establish ground rules for communicating
  • commit to keeping communication in front of the children respectful (including body language) 
  • set boundaries ("it's none of your business")  
  • acknowledge that "winning" is not as important as being a good parent.

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